Can international artists apply?

Yes, we encourage artists from all over the world who meet the other eligibility requirements to apply for the S&R Washington Award

Are students eligible for the Washington Award?

No, students currently enrolled in undergraduate/graduate programs are not eligible.  We encourage you to apply once you have finished your degree. (See eligibility requirements for further details)

How does S&R define ‘emerging?’

  1. Those who have demonstrated promising artistic development. They may have received some critical recognition but have not yet earned an extensive record of professional achievement.
  2. Have transitioned from academia and have entered their professional careers as an artist, and would benefit from an award like the Washington Award.​

What if I apply without recommendation letters?

Any application without recommendation letters will not be eligible for review.  If your recommenders would like to send their letters directly to S&R, please have them email our Program Coordinator, Molly Turner at

Can I re-apply if I have applied before?

Yes, past applicants can reapply but we encourage you to include at least additional new work in your application.

Can I request feedback once my application has been reviewed?

We are unable to provide feedback to individual applicants. 

Are organizations or groups eligible to apply for the Washington Award?

No, we only accept applications from individual artists. 

What is the timeline for the award?

Applications for the 2018 Award will be open from July 26-October 5, 2017. Applications will be reviewed in November and December and the winners will be announced in January 2018. The award ceremony will take place in March or April 2018 and we require all winners attend in order to receive their prize money.