3 Essential Elements To Increase The Viability Of Your Social Venture

Our modern world is confronted with daunting 21st century challenges that impact billions of people across the globe. Environmental degradation, food insecurity, lack of healthcare and access to clean water are just some of the issues requiring a new way of thinking. To meet these challenges, a new cadre of social entrepreneurs, cutting across generational, ethnic and socioeconomic boundaries, are building solutions in the form of social ventures that seek both sustainable revenue and scalable impact.

In the fanciest dorm in Washington, designs on changing the world

The first class on the first day at the Halcyon Incubator gathered amidst the banging of construction workers in the background. Painters carefully applied a final coat on the window frames, movers carried furniture into the bedrooms, and a dozen or so guys put finishing touches on what is arguably the most expensive dorm in Washington — the historic Halcyon House in Georgetown.

Halcyon Incubator Inaugurates First Class of Fellows

"I feel I am at my real-life Hogwarts," said Heather Sewell of Halcyon House. She is one of seven inaugural fellows of the Halcyon Incubator, a 14-month fellowship and social entrepreneurship program, administered by the S&R Foundation.

The Halcyon fellows were publicly acknowledged at a Sept. 4 presentation at historic Halcyon House on Prospect Street, where they will live for the next four months with 10 additional months of collaboration, support and consulting with program staffers.

The Scene: Week of Sept. 8

Halcyon House: All these entrepreneurs need is a reality show.

Seven entrepreneurs are cohabiting in one of Washington’s most expensive mansions as part of the S&R Foundation’s 14-month experiment.

Last week, the Halcyon House, a historical Georgetown home built in 1787, officially opened its doors for a residential program intended to help entrepreneurs grow their social ventures.

Eishin Nose's THE GATE

Eishin Nose is a jazz pianist, composer and arranger from Hokkaido, Japan who is currently residing in New York City. He has drawn worldwide attention for his unique vision, free creative style and passionate expression. His portfolio exceeds well over one hundred pieces of original music and eight albums.

Emil Khudyev

Doors will open at 6:30 PM.

Recently named as the first Vandoren Emerging Artist Competition winner, clarinetist Emil Khudyev is recognized as an outstanding musician on the international concert stage. Khudyev’s sincere music-creating promotes the arts and builds the next generation of classical music lovers of all ages.