Surreal Soiree

December 2, 2014
Modern Luxury

The Party

The District's young and fabulous donned their coolest costumes and gathered at Halcyon House in Georgetown to support the S&R Foundation - a local organization dedicated to enhancing the arts and sciences - with a sophisticated theme party. Dubbed Night Nouveau, this year's surreal affair included a Dali-esque entryway, a maze populated with mimes and stilt walkers draped in ivy. 

The People

Notables included White House staffer Fran Holuba and the U.N. Foundation's Anastasia Dellaccio. Guests dined on a delicious buffet from local eateries like Daikaya and Peruvian Brothers, and sipped Tito's Vodka Moscow mules. 

Best in Show

The night definitely had a wild dress code! People-watching was popular as partygoers compared costumes. (We saw everything from fallen angels to surrealist paintings come to life to Mexican wrestling masks). The evening ended with what was no doubt a double take-inducing after party at Malmaison.