Sheila Ohlsson Walker

S&R Foundation’s Kuno Award for Applied Science for the social good is an annual award of financial support and other resources designed to support social innovators using scientific research and principles to address a 21st Century problem. The award is designed to support the translation of scientific research to a practical and real-world solution. The award supports those aiming to achieve measurable social impact. 

The Kuno awardee is provided with $100,000 in funding. 

Award recipients are visionaries with deep domain expertise in fields relating to the specific 21st century challenges addressed by their project or venture, which may become a for-profit business or non-profit organization, part of an academic institution etc.   


S&R Foundation helps social ventures secure the additional finance they need to grow, through intervention and support early in their formation. This may be through social investment, government contracts, or grant funding.

To achieve this we focus our resources on three types of key support:

  1. A positive, nurturing environment where talented individuals are free to think, work and grow. The shared space and time enables their ideas and projects to develop unencumbered by day-to-day pressures, and therefore more rapidly.
  2. Early stage financial support, while advanced funding or revenue is sought.

1)    Applicant must be at early or mid-career, and possess a PhD in a relevant field.

2)    Project must be the original idea of the applicant or the applicant’s team.

3)    Project must be in the start-up phase. To be considered a start-up, the project may not have been organized, or may have been in operation for up to, but no longer than, two years. 

4)    Applicants must make a full-time commitment (minimum forty hours per week) to the project/organization's development for the duration of the year. 

5)    Partnerships (projects led by two individuals) may apply. Both partners must meet all eligibility requirements and make a full-time commitment of no fewer than forty hours per week to the development of the venture.

6)    Applicants must have legal status to work in the United States (“US”). 

7)    Applicant must be able to demonstrate evidence of good health (physical examination).  Evidence of this will be a letter (obtained at the applicant's expense) signed and dated by the applicant's doctor within the past six months stating that the doctor has examined the applicant and that the applicant is in sufficiently good health to travel to & from and reside in Washington DC to participate in the program.

Note: Projects/ventures may be for-profit, nonprofit, or undecided, as long as their core mission is to create impact for the social good.


Awardees will be selected by the Board of Directors of S&R Foundation.


Prospective applicants could be dedicated leaders with compelling ideas from a variety of fields. They will be judged on entrepreneurial leadership, the scalable model of their ideas and/or ventures and sustainable impact of the ideas and/or ventures.